[LAD] Native LV2 port of mdaEPiano VSTi

Ricardo Wurmus ricardo.wurmus at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 01:21:16 UTC 2010

On 19 October 2010 02:37, Igor Brkic <igor at hyperglitch.com> wrote:
> Hi Rekado!
> I tried plugin and it sounds pretty good. It will be valuable addition to
> LV2 synths when it's finished.
> I looked at the code a bit. Maybe you already solved this, but you had a
> typo in mdaEPianoGUI.cpp file. It caused a runtime error so GUI couldn't be
> instantiated. You wrote the first line in class definition like:
> class mdaEPianoGUI : public LV2::GUI<mdaEPianoGUI, LV2::URIMap<true>,
> LV2::WriteMIDI<false> >{
> but it sould be:
> class mdaEPianoGUI : public LV2::GUI<mdaEPianoGUI>, LV2::URIMap<true>,
> LV2::WriteMIDI<false> {
> After changing that GUI is shown, but compiler reports that write_midi()
> function is not in the scope (didn't solve that problem - I just commented
> it out :)).
> Cheers!
> Igor

Hi Igor,
thanks for testing.

About the GUI: I think you might be mistaken. Even though I'm new to
template stuff in C++, my syntax seems to be correct. The GUI appears
when I open the plug-in in zynjacku (lv2_jack_host does not care about
What runtime error did you encounter and what host did you use?

The GUI by the way is nothing more but a construction site. It is not
usable at all, no functions implemented. It is more of a
proof-of-concept (yes, GUI appears) than anything else. I'm working on
this right now, but I'm all new to this.


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