[LAD] Yoshimi needs a new maintainer ...

rosea grammostola rosea.grammostola at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 19:35:29 UTC 2011

On 08/14/2011 05:43 PM, Mark McCurry wrote:
>> Now that the original maintainer Alan "Cal" Calvert has passed away
>> It might be good if Yoshimi gets a new maintainer, it a very valuable
>> project. http://yoshimi.sourceforge.net/
>> A other possibility might be to merge the changes in Yoshimi back to
>> Zynaddsubfx. http://zynaddsubfx.sourceforge.net/
> As cal is no longer with us, it seems wise to persevere his work.
> If you check yoshimi-user, there has been an initial conversation on a
> reunion of the projects.
Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply. It would be good to include the yoshimi-user 
mailinglist in this discussion probably then.

Speaking about myself, I am just a user who likes to see continuation of 
Yoshimi/Zynaddsubfx developments. I am not the person to lead this new 
developments and/or collaboration, just a initiator in this case.  ;)


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