[LAD] Yoshimi needs a new maintainer ... (was: Yoshimi Midi Learn: 1st testing release)

Mark McCurry mark.d.mccurry at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 15:43:38 UTC 2011

> Now that the original maintainer Alan "Cal" Calvert has passed away
> It might be good if Yoshimi gets a new maintainer, it a very valuable
> project. http://yoshimi.sourceforge.net/
> A other possibility might be to merge the changes in Yoshimi back to
> Zynaddsubfx. http://zynaddsubfx.sourceforge.net/

As cal is no longer with us, it seems wise to persevere his work.
If you check yoshimi-user, there has been an initial conversation on a
reunion of the projects.

IMHO, ZynAddSubFX and all of its descendents suffer from a lack of
active developers, so this reunion could be a large benefit to the
future of the codebase.
I would very much like to see this reunion occur and I will be
dedicating as much time as I can to make this a possibility.

--Mark McCurry
ZynAddSubFX dev/maintainer

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