[LAD] [LAA][ANNOUNCE] New LV2 Soft Synth: The Newtonator v0.5.0

Michael Bechard gothmagog at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 19 21:00:22 UTC 2011

Hmm, I've tested with v5.2-4 of zynjacku, and the latest version of elven (which can be gotten here: http://ll-plugins.nongnu.org/). The log for zynjacku looks like it's having a hard time parsing the manifest file, so let me know what version of zynjacku you're using. Also, I'm not familiar with lv2host (can't find it in Synaptic...), could you point me at the version you're using?

Michael Bechard

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Yup that did the trick. Indeed I did have the buntu package installed, and it was still giving me the error. Compiling & installing fixed that.

Couldn't run the plugin, zynjacku & lv2host both gave a traceback, see here if intrested in details: http://fpaste.org/IXH9/
Ardour2 crashed too, as did my own project.

What version of zynjacku / lv2host can you confirm it works in? I can grab that revision and test if needed.

Cheers, -Harry
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