[LAD] Linux-audio-dev Digest, Vol 49, Issue 6

Jeff McClintock jef at synthedit.com
Fri Mar 4 20:44:25 UTC 2011

> From: Sean Bolton <musound at jps.net>
> if the GUI is in another process, its really absurdly hard for the
> host to add its own controls to the window. not impossible, but a
> level of hard that doesn't actually buy the user (or developer)
> anything. this means that the kinds of generic "every plugin" controls
> like "bypass" or "preset" that ardour adds to LADSPA and AU windows
> would vanish. not a huge cost, but a real one.

Not very hard, but think more in terms of functionality, not implementation.

e.g. my plugin API can provide the GUI a string "Commands for Parameter 23:"
- "MIDI Learn, Unlearn, Edit...".

The user can right-click any knob on the GUI and get a menu of functions the
*HOST* provides for that parameter... With ZERO dependence on the type of
GUI. I really like that the feature works with ANY GUI toolkit. The host is
free to provide as few or as many options as it needs.

That one example of thinking in a platform independent way, without being
absurdly hard to implement, in fact real easy.

Jeff McClintock

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