[LAD] Linux-audio-dev Digest, Vol 49, Issue 6

Sean Bolton musound at jps.net
Fri Mar 4 21:18:05 UTC 2011

On Mar 4, 2011, at 12:44 PM, Jeff McClintock wrote:
>> From: Sean Bolton <musound at jps.net>
>> if the GUI is in another process, its really absurdly hard for the
>> host to add its own controls to the window. not impossible, but a
>> level of hard that doesn't actually buy the user (or developer)
>> anything. this means that the kinds of generic "every plugin"  
>> controls
>> like "bypass" or "preset" that ardour adds to LADSPA and AU windows
>> would vanish. not a huge cost, but a real one.

Careful, Jeff -- it was Paul who wrote that, not me.


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