[LAD] Communicating between python UI and C++ engine for real time audio?

Iain Duncan iainduncanlists at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 17:09:34 UTC 2011

I looked into this about five years ago, but didn't get too far. Wondering
if anyone on here has experience splitting apps up into:

- realtime low latency engine in C++ using per sample callback audio (
either RTAudio or Jack or PortAudio )

- user interfaces and algo composition routines in python that either
communicate with the engine by shared memory or over a queue

Basically I want to be able to do the gui and data transforming code in
Python whenever possible and allow plugins to be written to work on the
data in Python

I'm hoping to arrive at some sort of design that ultimately lets the engine
act as an audio server with multiple user interface clients, possibly not
even on the same machines, but definitely not on the same cores. If anyone
has tips, war stories, suggestions on reading or projects to look at, I'd
love to hear them.

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