[LAD] Communicating between python UI and C++ engine for real time audio?

Iain Duncan iainduncanlists at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 00:26:47 UTC 2011

> If the python stuff is only for the gui and non-realtime stuff, this is a
> very
> practical approach. There are quite a few people doing that. I believe
> Fons'
> session managment and assorted apps are running that way (altough he
> doesn't
> seem to release them). Some of my prototype apps for the next-generation
> JackMix are built that way. And I would have done this for my
> university-job
> project had I learned python earlier.
> Doing applications in python with the sound-stuff happening in a separate
> C-
> compiled thread) gives that advantage that you can implement the apps as
>  modules and run them either stand-alone or within a bigger controlling
> app.

Thanks. If you have any, or know of any, examples I'd love to look at them.

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