[LAD] "bleeding edge html5" has interesting Audio APIs

David Robillard d at drobilla.net
Mon Nov 21 06:12:13 UTC 2011

On Mon, 2011-11-21 at 02:44 +0100, Giuseppe Zompatori wrote:
> Wrong.
> Android has the highest smart phones market share (Samsung alone
> became th largest smart phones producer in the world). It's recent
> news.

I said most popular smart phone, not most popular smart phone OS.

Either way, apps require software installation which is vastly more of a
PITA than anything you can just point your browser to, regardless of
platform.  Plus, the same UI works on any PC, iOS, blackberry, etc.

Where does an Android Java UI work?  Android.  You're lucky if it works
on all devices.  The amount of effort it takes to write a nativeish UI
for Windows, OSX, Lignux, Android, iOS (and whatever else) is absolutely

As you point out, this platform stuff changes practically monthly.  Will
Android be on top in 5 years?  Who knows.  Will Android even be relevant
in 5 years?  Who knows.  Will whatever is on top be.. Java based?
Native?  .NET?  Something that doesn't even exist yet?  Who knows.

Will whatever is on top, and every single thing competing with it, have
a web browser?  Yes.  A dramatically faster and more powerful one that's
still compatible with things you write today.

Pretty obvious what the safe bet is, isn't it?

-dr (Who actually values his time)

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