[LAD] [LAU] RASP: Music Toolkit

Robin Gareus robin at linuxaudio.org
Wed Aug 15 23:08:51 UTC 2012

On 08/16/2012 12:32 AM, Brian Hilmers wrote:
> Hello, this is my first communication here.
> I'm a former Windows user and recent Linux convert. After switching, I
> noticed some utilities I regularly used in music production were missing
> from the major repositories, simple things like tap-temp, delay/Hz
> calculator, and note-to-frequency conversion. I was looking for an
> excuse to learn programming so I started working on this "music toolkit"
> of mine. It's all the stuff I need for making music calculations all in
> one place (like a producer's Swiss Army knife). Maybe you have a use for
> it too? Includes: tap-tempo, delay/Hz calculator, song time calculator,
> note-to-frequency converter, simple frequency generator, and a metronome.
> http://www.brianhilmers.com/code/rasp/
> I'm a novice programmer and this is my first project. Advice and help is
> welcome. Thanks.
> Brian Hilmers

Hi Brian,

Welcome to the fabulous world of linux-audio, where we all do those
calculations in our head :)

More seriously: RASP is a cool app and most welcome addition!

I just tried 'rasp-2.5.py' and it does not make any sound (neither via
ALSA nor JACK) -- probably a tkSnack on debian issue, though. Anyway,
the calculators are already bound to come in handy at some point! Thanks.

One small suggestion: please put the source into a sub-folder so that
the .tar.gz unzips to "rasp-2.5/rasp.py", "rasp-2.5/rasp_icon.svg"


PS. As for a metronome, you may want to check out
http://das.nasophon.de/klick/ -- it supports click tracks and integrates
perfectly in a jack-studio setup. It is packaged for most distributions:
klick and its GUI: gtklick.

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