[LAD] MIDI controller question

Tim Goetze tim at quitte.de
Mon Dec 10 17:14:49 UTC 2012

[Julien Claassen]
>  If I know, that my synth uses all those not recommended controls and has no
> other obvious 14bit controls, could another solution be, to allow these
> controls just as any other? Or would that again break something else?
>  I mapped all the controls from my NordLead3 - and unless there's something in
> the very few menu features, which wouldn't be part of a performance - it's all
> 7bit between 1-120. There are enough "holes" in that list, to assume, that a
> few very special functions could also be included in that list. :-)

I'm not intimate with the Nord Lead3's MIDI implementation.  But I'll
guess that a lot of MIDI software is handling all CCs indiscriminately
the same way, MSB or LSB.  (In particular, if you do not filter events
and play them back exactly as recorded, there's no need to ever care
about their semantics.)  If you do the same and it still sounds good,
you should be fine. :D

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