[LAD] building the new Guitarix LV2 Amp

hermann meyer brummer- at web.de
Thu Dec 13 06:08:47 UTC 2012

Am 13.12.2012 04:15, schrieb David Robillard:
> On Wed, 2012-12-12 at 21:34 +0000, Chris Cannam wrote:
>> On 11 December 2012 16:31, David Robillard<d at drobilla.net>  wrote:
>>> Looks like you are building against a static library. Since you are building
>>> a shared module, pedantically you can't do this
>> A static library is just a pile of object files. Of course you can
>> build a shared object against them. The problem is just that the
>> objects in this particular static library were built without PIC.
> Well, yes, "pedantically" was not quite the right word.  It is more of a
> sweeping generalization.
> If you're building them yourself, ensure they're PIC, and it will work,
> but it's reasonable to expect static libraries from elsewhere to be
> non-PIC, particularly things that aim to be small since PIC code is
> larger.
> -dr
So if I add -fPIC to the static lib build flags for libgxw/mm, it will 
work on 64bit also?
Right now I prefer the static build, as long no other application or 
plug use it.


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