[LAD] LMMS Trippleoscillator, LV2/linuxVST-version possitiblity?

Aurélien Leblond blablack at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 11:46:55 UTC 2012

> My question is, quite simply, since LMMS is FLOSS, would making
> Trippleoscilator + perhaps other instruments in LMMS into plugins
> (lv2/linuxVST) be a realistic possibility? Bear with me, I'm no developer
> but merely a musician, so I really don't know what I'm asking/talking
> about. But I have a firm belief that a plugin-version of these instruments,
> usable in for example Ardour3 when that arrives, would make a great
> addition to the Linux-musician community.

Technically it should be doable, but one would need to go in the code
of LMMS to check it out.
Sometime the code is almost usable directly in plugins.

I'm working on porting the internal modules from AlsaModularSynth into
LV2 plugins at the moment.
Once I'm finished with that, I could take a look into it.

> (ps. Is there anything similar already existing perhaps? ds.)
You should check AlsaModularSynth, coupled with Seq24... The
instrument you described look like a synth with 3 oscillators (duuuuh,
that would explain the name!). AMS comes with great examples, and
building a Synth with 3 VCO (Oscillators) should be "pretty" easy.
Yoshimi comes to mind as well (although it is way more complicated).
Oh, and if you have some courage, feel free to try my plugins with Ingen :D

P.S: I forwarded your mail to the LAU list. Some users there might
have other ideas for similar synths.

Hope that helps,


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