[LAD] Introducing "Open Tritone Midi", a Satanic Open Octave Midi Fork

Edward Diehl diehl at umich.edu
Wed May 2 16:32:41 UTC 2012

I feel this whole thread is highly inappropriate and repugnant.  If you do
not like OOMidi you do not have to use it or support their fundraiser, but
this kind of gratuitous baiting is uncalled for.  The claims that OOMidi
has done no development on their own are rediculous.  Sure, have forked
Muse, that is acknowledged on their
website and code, but it is also clear they have added quite a bit of
functionality to the original codebase.  Frankly this sort of project is
what open source and the GPL is all about - users are free to modify code
and scratch their own itch.   

sincerely, Edward Diehl

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