[LAD] Open Audio Programming Tutorials

Harry van Haaren harryhaaren at gmail.com
Fri May 4 17:07:57 UTC 2012

Hey All,

After some very inspiring conversations at the LAC, I have decided to renew
the efforts to document linux audio programming for beginners. I feel that
although there's a lot of really useful tutorials out there, but there's
still a lack of easy accessible introductory audio programming.
Particularly topics such as threading, and thread synchronization are
particularly difficult to learn, or even find relevant, easy to read code

Announcing: Open Audio Programming Tutorials!
This is a documentation effort, not of any particular library or tool, just
"Linux Audio Programming" in general. Feel free to check the code posted,
feedback on it, fork it and send me merge requests, whatever :)

Currently there's 6 different tutorials, all C++ with GTKmm for user
interfaces. Intentions are to add more as time permits!

PS: Sending to Linux-Audio-User list in case there's people who want to try
start programming, but haven't subscribed to the Linux-Audio-Developers
list (yet). Replies to Linux-Audio-Developers please :)
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