[LAD] [LAU] Linux Audio 2012: Is Linux Audio moving forward?

Jonathan Woithe jwoithe at just42.net
Sat Oct 13 11:16:01 UTC 2012

Hi Adrian

> > The RME UCX and UFX devices are currently not supported by FFADO.  Adding
> Though the UCX is not supported by FFADO, it is supported by ALSA if the
> device is set to USB 2.0 class compliant mode.

That's neat.  Has someone tested and verified this (on the RME site it
simply says that Linux should "theoretically work")?

Even so, "class compliant" mode is fairly limited: as I understand it
there's limited access to the onboard mixer/DSP settings, and one is
restricted to at most 8 ins / 2 outs.  The "ins" are the analog inputs and
the two outs are copied to analog out 1/2, phones and SPDIF/ADAT.  This may
also mean that there is no easy way to control device settings such as
phantom power.  However, I have not had a chance to experiment with the
device myself, nor have I read about it in detail; therefore some or all of
this may be inaccurate.


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