[LAD] [LAU] Linux Audio 2012: Is Linux Audio moving forward?

Uwaysi Bin Kareem uwaysi.bin.kareem at paradoxuncreated.com
Wed Oct 17 15:07:20 UTC 2012

On Sat, 13 Oct 2012 13:16:01 +0200, Jonathan Woithe <jwoithe at just42.net>  

> Hi Adrian
>> > The RME UCX and UFX devices are currently not supported by FFADO.   
>> Adding
>> Though the UCX is not supported by FFADO, it is supported by ALSA if the
>> device is set to USB 2.0 class compliant mode.
> That's neat.  Has someone tested and verified this (on the RME site it
> simply says that Linux should "theoretically work")?

I have it working on class compliant mode yes. The latency isn`t that  
impressive though, but you can live with 5ms.

I have earlier run a firewire card at 0.33ms latency.

The fix is in this kernel aswell,  
if you don`t want to compile your own, with the fix mentioned on this list.

Peace Be With You.

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