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新月如钩 46620410 at qq.com
Fri Oct 19 15:15:03 UTC 2012

Hi SxDx,
    Thanks for your feedback, it seems i download a outdated version.
I think these interface may be have abandoned.
    sorry to trouble you! Thanks for your feedback again!
Best regards
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> From: "新月如钩" <46620410 at qq.com>
>      I analyze the source code of aplay and very confused on follow
>      interfaces:
>             snd_pcm_playback_info()
>             snd_pcm_playback_format()
>             snd_pcm_playback_params()
>      The aplay is belongs to alsa-utils that also is a application.
>      It should be use interfaces of alsa-lib, but why i can't find
>      these interfaces in alsa-lib ?
>      Could you tell me where can find out these interface?

what version of alsa-utils do you have?
These functions are not in alsa-utils-
that I have here nor in the git repository.
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