[LAD] So what do you think sucks about Linux audio ?

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Tue Feb 5 19:07:48 UTC 2013

Hi Dave!
   This thread seems to have gathered a lot of replies and since I'm not home, 
I can't read them right now. In the hope of not duplicating too much, here are 
my thoughts:
   The plugin-systems seem to get a little diverse. the problem from my 
perspective is usability in text mode. These things have to be supported and 
it's good to have them supported in one tool (or with one tool chain).
   And yes I can see, that working on one plugin system (oir two for 
instruments and effects) might not really be possible, since we are so many 
and there are so many ideas knocking around, some incompatible). But that's a 
price I pay everyday, for all the things I have.
   Another problem is syncing MIDI and audio. Especially slaving things to 
JACK. Mechanisms are there, but implementation is still rather application 
dependent. This is for text-utilities.
   The really audio optimised lowlatency kernel is a problewm. there still 
appear to be a few patches and the discussion comes up regularly. I am 
confused by that. I use the vanilla kernel and I am happy, but my system is 
rather special.
   Other than that, I am quiote happy. JACK audio is the best thing, that ever 
happened to me, even JACK MIDI is getting more support. In Linux I have found 
the best possible audio environment yet. I've only had second hand experience 
with other operating systems. But I can honestly say, that my equipment is 
working, it allows me to be very creative and ever more daring in my 
   One last damper is of course, that things are always on the move and if I 
stay close to the edge, which is someties required, that means living with 
appearing and disappearing bugs. that would happen on every system, only most 
people don't get to see software in development. I'd rather be there, speak my 
mind, get heard or silenced, than only getting finished products, which might 
lack comfort in small ways, that can be so helpful.
   Warmly yours


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