[LAD] Joining LAD and LAU lists (And: more central instances in a "herding-cats" community are good)

Nils Gey ich at nilsgey.de
Sat Feb 23 20:53:22 UTC 2013

Hello both lists,

I see the reason for a non-discussion announcement list, LAA, but is it really necessary to have twp lists?
I know there are several people who only subscribed to one list, but I don't know if this is intentional or not.

Why not merge both. The immediate effect would be a stop at the cross posting just to reach the whole community.
The mailinglists are from the same service, but I think in the end it would be more convenient and better for everyone to have it all in one place.
Yes, I know some of you fear (mostly people in the dev list who do not read LAU) that they will get unwanted mails. But as you can tell from experience topics like "why linux audio sucks", "water as fuel" and other mega/nonsense/offtopic threads get cross posted anyway.
And I know some of you think devs and users should be kept seperated. But be honest: Who in the world is subscribed to a linux mailing list and could not stend the occasional developers topic. If you want beginner-level support you most likely don't know how to use lists :)

Just to be clear: 
I am a friend of diversity and seemingly "redundant" applications and projects. There cannot be enough sequencers, samplers, synthesizer, notation programs etc. 
But when it comes to infrastructure and core building blocks I see no sense in seperation. This is the strong point, compared to other operating/eco-systems. We may friendly compete on a musical or feature basis, but there is no need to border a program just to make it harder for the users to use the program of the "enemy" (from a Windows/OSX POV).

In a Linux-Audio world of diversity and individuality, it is good to have central places and instances. We can do whatever we want but unlike the closed source world we have no need to create factions and standards that rival with each other, creating artificial gaps.

The most successful of these instances is JACK itself. A centralized audio server, hailed and praised by everyone.

And since I am writing this mail already, my personal wish list:
Please join the two blog/RSS planets as well (http://www.planet.linuxmusicians.com/, http://linuxaudio.org/planet/ )
Merge Yoshimi and ZynAddSubFx, the JACK versions and experimental forks, the session managers/protocols and a few audio distributions which have not enough manpower and that can be used to boost the other distributions. "Joining/Merging" also can mean for one side to step down honorable and retire the project.


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