[LAD] [LAU] Joining LAD and LAU lists (And: more central instances in a "herding-cats" community are good)

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Sat Feb 23 21:36:35 UTC 2013

Hello Nils!
   I can see your points, but I don't think them feasable, because the world 
is, what it is. In my opinion joining the lists might mean,that people would 
leave and create a new platform for developers.
   there are only two lists to combine them all, that is not too much. And I 
know a lot of topics, which are really well-placed at just one of them and 
they really do stay there.
   As to users joining the lists: I ave a feeling, that we get more "beginner 
level" users. Hell, even when I joined back in 2002 or something, I still was 
a beginner. Certainly no developer and I am not an audio developer. OK, I keep 
up, because there might be things of interest, but I try to keep my own posts, 
where they should be. :-)
   I don't think, that it is a capsulation of people. It is just channeling of 
forces. and I know, that we have people, who mostly -if not only - devlop and 
those, who just use.
   As to merging of standards/systems/protocols, I'd wish for that in more 
areas, becuase it naturally focuses the strength of many in one place and 
increases quality. But that is diversity. The way we have it, I think the most 
feasable ideas grow and get accepted into more and more applications. It did 
happen before and I'm sure will continue to happen.
   You said, that newbies would not know how to really manage a mailing list - 
possibly joining chats, forums, etc. That is a point of view. Many "really 
new" newbies might. But I would always shy away from forums, hate chats and 
don't get much out of feeds. It takes all sorts. :-)
   Warmly and insubstantially yours :-)


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