[LAD] Announcing PHASEX-0.14.96

William Weston whw at linuxmail.org
Mon Jan 21 22:27:34 UTC 2013

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> From: Johannes Kroll

> On Thu, 10 Jan 2013 22:26:15 -0500
> "William Weston" <whw at linuxmail.org> wrote:
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> > > From: Johannes Kroll
> > > 
> > > I played around with it, it's fun! GUI looks very cool, too.
> > > 
> > > After using it a few times, I noticed that some folders with strange
> > > names had been created with files like patchbank, phasex.cfg,
> > > phasex.map, sessionbank in them. The folder names contain weird
> > > characters, Thunar file manager displays them as 'invalid encoding'.
> > > One such folder showed up in my downloads folder, the other one in a
> > > src directory I was working in, possibly the PWDs when I started
> > > phasex... Has anybody else seen this behaviour?
> > > 
> > > I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 on x86-64. 
> > 
> > These files and directories are created when a session is saved via
> > LASH, JACK Session, or native session management.  I've seen this
> > behavior once before, when first working on LASH support, and it
> > turned out to be a character encoding problem with LASH supplied
> > directory names.  The only thing I can think of here is to use the
> > "C" locale instead of obtaining locale from the user's environment,
> > so I've made this change in v0.14.97-dev.  Could you try the latest
> > in git, and let me know how it goes?
> I'm not using LASH, but I did save sessions in Phasex "natively". I
> tried the latest git and I don't see the strange directories in the
> working directory where I started Phasex. I don't know if they popped
> up somewhere else, but I think they were in the WD, so I guess that
> fixed it!


> But I'm pretty sure that syncing Phasex to an external MIDI clock
> worked before, now it doesn't. I'm sending MIDI Clock from Renoise to
> Phasex. I checked that the ports are connected and the clock is sent
> with qjackctl & aseqdump. Is it possible that some change between 0.96
> and 0.97 created a problem with the MIDI Clock?

Are there any specific sync/timing issues that you're trying to solve
by sending MIDI Clock messages?

MIDI Clock messages are currently ignored.  The original MIDI enabled
version of phasex had this, but it ended up adding too much jitter to
the LFO frequencies and caused more problems than it solved.  The
internal MIDI clock in phasex is used for timestamping incoming events
and assigning frame position.  (Future plans include a more robust
tempo clock that can be used with MIDI Clock, MTC, MIDI triggers, tap
tempo, JACK Transport, etc.)

For now, the best options for keeping in sync with tempo changes are
JACK Transport Tempo sync or automating the BPM parameter.  Not ideal,
I know... but this is better than nothing and should hold up until I
can get the tempo clock designed.


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