[LAD] Alsa: poll mixer events, always returns true in subsequent calls

Muffinman news at koster.tk
Mon Jan 28 22:19:00 UTC 2013


I'm trying to poll mixer events in Alsa using C. I've used the following
functions within an infinite while loop:

if (snd_hctl_wait(hctl,-1))

###### and

snd_hctl_poll_descriptors(hctl, poll_fds, 1);
err = poll (poll_fds, 1, -1);
if (poll_fds[0].revents & POLLIN)

While I can get the first mixer event fine, in all subsequent rounds,
both snd_hctl_wait and poll always return immediately.

With the snd_mixer functions one has to call snd_mixer_handle_events to
clear events. However, calling snd_hctl_handle_events here never returns
and I can't quite figure out why. Nonetheless, I'm not even sure that's
the key to my solution.

Can anyone give me some advice on how to get this working?

Kind regards, Maarten

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