[LAD] GPL & cc-by-3.0

hermann meyer brummer- at web.de
Sat Jun 15 15:01:05 UTC 2013


Did anyone here know if the GPL+ v2.0 /v3.0 is compatible with the CC-BY 
v3.0 (unported)

I only found here

that the CC-BY-SA v3.0 is compatible, but no mention of the CC-BY v3.0
My understanding is that the CC-BY v3.0 has less restrictions then the 
CC-BY-SA version, but I'm a bit unsure.

Background: I would include some work which is under the CC-BY v3.0 to 
my project, which is under the GPL+ v2.0 (or later). I wouldn't violate 
the DFSG, so I would make sure there is no issue at all when I'm do so. 
The Author of the CC-BY v3.0 files is fine with my wishes.

any hints?

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