[LAD] [ANN] New Jack / LV2 Host with socket support

Ricardo Crudo ricardo.crudo at gmail.com
Tue May 7 18:00:26 UTC 2013


We, from MOD <http://portalmod.com/en> team, released now a new Jack / LV2
Host in github: the mod-host. mod-host is a command line application like
jalv, but that accept multiple instances and can be controlled via socket
or shell.

LV2 features currently supported:

* lv2core
* atom
* event
* buf-size
* midi
* options
* uri-map
* urid
* worker

More information can be found on README file.
repo: https://github.com/portalmod/mod-host

We hope that mod-host can be useful for others projects!

Best Regards,
Ricardo Crudo.
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