[LAD] itop

elboulangero elboulangero at gmail.com
Thu May 9 22:15:50 UTC 2013

Hello everyone,

lately I had to fight big XRUN troubles, and thanks to this forum I 
finally solved that. This excellent thread saved me:

On my long quest, I tried to see a little bit more what happened with 
the IRQs on my system. I searched for a kind of 'top' utility to monitor 
the interrupts, but the only apps I found were either deprecated, or 
missed some cool features.

So, I ended up writing my own tool to monitor the file /proc/interrupts.
It's available a this address:

As its name indicates, it behaves pretty much like top, but for interrupts.
It's quite a simple thing, that I tried to enhance a bit with some cool 
  + refresh period can be specified.
  + two display modes: display interrupts for every CPU, or only a sum 
of all CPU.
  + display every interrupt (sorted like /proc/interrupts), or only 
active interrupts (sorted by activity).
  + in case the number of interrupts changes during the execution of 
itop (due to a rmmod/modprobe), it's handled without any fuss.
  + command-line options are also available as hotkeys for convenience.
  + at last, the program display a summary on exit. The idea is that 
this summary could be copied/pasted in emails to help debugging.

If anyone is interested, feel free to try and comment !


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