[LAD] UIs (was Re: send midi message)

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Thu May 16 14:57:12 UTC 2013

Hello Ralf!
   I don't exactly get the finer points of your argument. You may have gone a 
little astray in your passion.
   But why should Linux not have fancy GUIs? I can't use a lot of them right 
now, but I could do more, if I only got my arse of the ground and persevered 
in my efforts to set up GNOME and Orca. Fancy is nice. I get "fancy" in other 
ways and I do like it. Certainly it's nice when apps respect some global 
settings of yours,but especially in our field, sometimes it's just not on. We 
are - at the heart - a lot about creativity and user interfaces do shape our 
workflows and methods. If you want something, that lets you absolutely have 
your way, then I suppose you'll be back with Csound and high-level audio 
programming libraries.
   Granted there are applications, that are fancy and flexible, but it's a hell 
of a lot to program and it can't apply to everything. and then of course, we 
always have ideas, when we start something. We - as musicians - have ideas 
about the kind of music we make and the programmers have ideas about the 
interfaces they make. In a way that too is a form of art.
   As a final remark: I do like applications, that adhere to standards and if 
possible respect global settings. Because in a case like mine - and others -, 
that too might mean, taht such settings are paramount to making a software 
accessible/usable. But Linux - as any other OS - is meant to be used and thus 
has to advertise and move with the times, not only in background technology. 
And that is as it should be.
   Warm regards


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