[LAD] UIs (was Re: send midi message)

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Fri May 17 06:58:18 UTC 2013

Hi Julien :)

I'm uncertain, if I should reply off-list :S.
There already is an issue regarding to qt apps vs gtk apps and regarding
to different versions of gtk and qt.

When we use desktop environments global settings can fail, e.g. some
apps might show black fonts on a black background. To avoid such issues,
some applications, e.g. Ardour, provide themes that make sense. The
Ardour themes aren't what I call "fancy" in a negative way, they are
very good, "fancy" for my taste, but I guess the meaning of "fancy" is
something else.

A bad example for what I call negative "fancy" is the GUI of e.g.
Guitarix. The GUI is more or less photo-realistic, with shadows and
reflections. I'm not visually impaired, resp. I won't call wearing
reading glasses an issue, but the contrast and color of my monitor
settings, that fit to my needs regarding to graphical art production or
even for my audio workflow, make a GUI such as the Guitarix one hard to
use. Guitarix does provide several GUIs too, but all of them come with,
let's call it special FX.

For my global settings, for the desktop environment, I disabled all
special FX, no animations, no shadows etc., but some GUIs ignore that
and come with all this crap, e.g. Guitarix. Ardour for example doesn't
add such special FX.

I want my Linux to be a serious production environment, it shouldn't
become a higgledy-piggledy circus dekoration.

When I was young and leaned to use the airbrush, I just for learning
purpose does all those shadow and reflection FX, but I never used it
that way, when I made art. A good artist anyway use the airbrush as an
additional tool, not to make a complete painting with it. Complete
paintings made with airbrush only can be found on funfairs and that's
what all those iPad and some Windows things does look like.

I hope this fashion will not become common for Linux too.

2 Cents,

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