[LAD] UIs (was Re: send midi message)

hermann meyer brummer- at web.de
Fri May 17 11:16:03 UTC 2013

Am 17.05.2013 08:58, schrieb Ralf Mardorf:
> A bad example for what I call negative "fancy" is the GUI of e.g.
> Guitarix. The GUI is more or less photo-realistic, with shadows and
> reflections. I'm not visually impaired, resp. I won't call wearing
> reading glasses an issue, but the contrast and color of my monitor
> settings, that fit to my needs regarding to graphical art production or
> even for my audio workflow, make a GUI such as the Guitarix one hard to
> use. Guitarix does provide several GUIs too, but all of them come with,
> let's call it special FX.
I'm sign for this UI design. :-)

The easiest way to get around this, is "Just Dont Use It" .

If you feel the need to use it, and you don' t like the provided themes 
it is easy to wrote your own. Themes in guitarix are based on rc files, 
you just need to wrote one, If you would use your own desctop theme with 
guitarix, a empty rc file is all you need, install it in the guitarix rc 
dir and you can use it. guitarix will find and it there and provide the 
menu entry to select it. required is just the naming scheme 
"gxX_name.rc" were X is a number.

However, I understand that this isn't want you wont to hear, from what I 
understand is, you just wont to bashing . . .

> For my global settings, for the desktop environment, I disabled all
> special FX, no animations, no shadows etc., but some GUIs ignore that
> and come with all this crap, e.g. Guitarix. Ardour for example doesn't
> add such special FX.

Because, why you ignore the usual way to contact project maintainers and 
let them know about your issue? Why you never react on one of my 
announcements here and let me know what you think?
Instead of that, you hide your bashing behind a thread tittle which have 
nothing to do with the subject of the mail? So, my conclusion is, you 
are not interested in a solution for this.

But Ui design is art, and art will never match anybody’s taste.

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