[LAD] UIs (was Re: send midi message)

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Fri May 17 11:40:46 UTC 2013

On Fri, 2013-05-17 at 13:16 +0200, hermann meyer wrote:
> Themes in guitarix are based on rc files, 
> you just need to wrote one, If you would use your own desctop theme with 
> guitarix, a empty rc file is all you need

Thank you :)

> However, I understand that this isn't want you wont to hear, from what I 
> understand is, you just wont to bashing . . .

Humbug :D, I'm not one of you who always need to check who has got the
bigger d... ;).

I'm a Linux user and I simply openly and honestly say my opinion and in
addition my English isn't good. However, you, Jörn, Flo and a hand full
of others are free to read into my mails what ever you want :D, even if
I've not written what you assume. I don't care.

> Because, why you ignore the usual way to contact project maintainers and 
> let them know about your issue? Why you never react on one of my 
> announcements here and let me know what you think?
> Instead of that, you hide your bashing behind a thread tittle which have 
> nothing to do with the subject of the mail? So, my conclusion is, you 
> are not interested in a solution for this.
> But Ui design is art, and art will never match anybody’s taste.

I stay in contact with programmers only if two conditions are fulfilled.

1. It must be software that is important for my needs.

FWIW indeed I prefer to use external analog gear for the guitar, instead
of software, but this has nothing to do with my 2 cents regarding to the
GUI. Perhaps I should have answered Julien off-list ;).

2. The programmers are one of those who aren't annoyed by my responses.

You are one of those who are annoyed by my responses, so it would be
unfair, if I would write you off-list, since you don't like my response.

However, my opinion about your GUI is an opinion I had about GUIs,
before I even used Linux, it was a reason for me to chose Linux. Even
while you have an aversion against me, I don't have an aversion against
you Jörn, Flo and most of the others from that hand full of people. If
In would have an aversion I anyway wouldn't diss you/your work.


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