[LAD] UIs (was Re: send midi message)

hermann meyer brummer- at web.de
Fri May 17 11:56:49 UTC 2013

Am 17.05.2013 13:40, schrieb Ralf Mardorf:
> You are one of those who are annoyed by my responses, so it would be
> unfair, if I would write you off-list, since you don't like my response.
Regardless from if I like your responses or not, as a project 
maintainer, I didn't like to see bashing like you do (a way to often for 
my taste, indeed) in open mailing lists.
We provide several contact possibility's for users to solve such issues, 
and we are willing to solve them, and for the most of them there is the 
solution already included but not documented.
All that is regardless from, if I like you or not.
And in the same way that makes you feel yourself free to provide your 
'bashing', or lets call it "your meaning" against "my" project,
in the same way I fell free to say you that I didn't like the way you do 
it. ;-)

And now, the devil dance in cycles. :-D

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