[LAD] Call for testing (final): ALSA driver for some firewire devices

Takashi Sakamoto o-takashi at sakamocchi.jp
Sat Feb 15 03:10:38 UTC 2014

Hi Daniel,

I notice that I cannot help you without enough logs with which I can 
realize what happens.
At lease, 'verbose' options for aplay/arecord, '#' nodes in 
/proc/asound/cardX and dmesg.

Additionally, would you please add 'LANG=C' when you get output from 
I cannot read Spanish language...

 > hi, it does not work.

Try in following steps:
1. $ arecord /tmp/test.wav -D hw:UFX1604 -c 16
(I expected you receive 'Available formats' output)
2. $ arecord /tmp/test.wav -D hw:UFX1604 -c 16 -f (here the format, 
maybe S32_LE)
(I expected you receive 'rate is not accurate' output)
3. $ arecord /tmp/test.wav -D hw:UFX1604 -c 16 -f (the same above) -r 
(got rate)
(I expected it will run correctly.)

I hope you to do these test when killing pulseaudio. The way is here:


Takashi Sakamoto
o-takashi at sakamocchi.jp

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