[LAD] Open Source to be or not to be?

hermann meyer brummer- at web.de
Tue Jul 1 13:06:14 UTC 2014

Am 01.07.2014 14:47, schrieb Etienne Rouge:
> Anyone else ?
> On 01/07/2014 14:37, Patrick Shirkey wrote:
>> On Tue, July 1, 2014 10:06 pm, Etienne Rouge wrote:
>>> This topic's just gone full chaos quite a while ago.
>>> I'd love to read things without seeing people namely attacked or things
>>> completly off topic.
>>> Open source is a great ideal. But *today* it's a thankless ideal.
>>> What about tomorrow ?
>>> Either we quit this ideal and just go back 20years in the past (and if
>>> we have to chose a closed proprietary market, I'd rather have those 
>>> good
>>> ol' big boxes full of stuffs rather than DRMs - which are both based on
>>> the same economical model) or we find a way to get open source
>>> developers rewarded. Rewarded socially, personally, and financially.
>>> Solving that is the only way to stop escalating to the emotional level
>>> at light speed.
>>> And that'd be great.

I've no problem with my conversations in this thread. In opposite, I'm 
glade that I could fix some issues and bugs in my source. The hints I 
receive from Fons helps me to do that. That is a lot more then we 
receive from some other guitarix users, even if they use guitarix 
regular on stage to generate there income (or a part of it).
Also Faust will profit at least.
Reducing this thread on some namings, or flames, is the wrong way. Just 
read between the lines and fetch what is useful.
Personally, I didn't think that OpenSource is a thankless ideal, it's a 
lot of fun to work in Open Groups on the same source base. You just have 
to keep in mind that it isn't a (children) Rose-garden, this rose-garden 
here, have spikes.

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