[LAD] Open Source to be or not to be?

hermann meyer brummer- at web.de
Wed Jul 2 10:29:32 UTC 2014

Am 02.07.2014 11:18, schrieb Tim Goetze:
> [hermann meyer]
>> However, this list here is the wrong place to discus that any further,
>> I just hope that some people here get interested in such a approve
>> (Tim you are more then welcome to join us),
>> if, please join us at
>> guitarix-developer at lists.sourceforge.net
> Thank you kindly Hermann, I hope I'll be able to join you guys at a
> later date.  In re circuit emulation, I have to concur with Fons:
> meaningful nonlinear full-circuit emulation (i.e. employing more than
> just a single isolated idealised nonlinear component) appears to be
> too demanding for realtime application on current hardware (and I
> think the problem doesn't lend itself well to parallelisation so the
> current trends in CPU progress won't help much) and if you stay linear
> I think you're better off with traditional optimised digital filter
> designs.

Maybe true. Indeed we are not able to generate realtime capable source 
code direct from a (nonlinear) circuit schematic, it's to complex. A lot 
to resolve. But we work on it.
Alone the build script for the jcm800pre takes 288 lines python, and a 
couple of optimization steps are needed to get it at least run with 
~20%DSP load. But the result is indeed passable in terms of how it 
sounds lately.
Clearly a picture from the beach isn't the beach. :-D

> Not to say it's not a great tool, but I see its value more in gaining
> insight than realtime processing.
> Cheers, Tim

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