[LAD] The modular audio chronicles ep. 1

hermann meyer brummer- at web.de
Wed Jun 25 12:32:20 UTC 2014

Am 25.06.2014 14:05, schrieb Etienne Rouge:
> Hello,
> just to clarify things, I don't expect support from the mail I sent... 
> this thread would be a complete chaos if I wanted you to give me 
> solutions to each problem I faced :p
> That said, you bet the first thing I did was : guitarix --help-all. 
> And I saw there's a -f to load a preset.

Wrong, the -f option is to load a state file, which just contain the GUI 
settings and jack-connections.

> But as of this day I still haven't found how to export anything (and 
> ~/.config is empty).
Then you have a bug in your version. Guitarix create a config directory 
in ./config/guitarix, when it start. All config files will be in there.
And, as I've said, you export import presets just by drag n' drop direct 
out of the preset widget on the bottom of the interface., you didn't 
need to search in any folder, just d' n' d', in and out.

> But again, this is not my point. We all know that a quick and easy 
> session load is deadly imprtant. When you wanna record something right 
> between work and cooking dine, you don't want to waste a couple of 
> hours trying to find out what command you need to type and you don't 
> want to have to find the preset you used on a specific song.
> Until NSM patch and L1 are supported by all sofwares, I think it's 
> really important to standardize commands (with standardized options) 
> and a common save files location (.config/name_of_software).
> Most of you already do that and I thank you deeply !
> cheers ! 

I still wonder, why you fail to just use guitarix for a quick session, 
as we make it fairly simple to use.
However, you are right, for support please use our support forum.


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