[LAD] AoIP question

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Sun Oct 5 21:39:21 UTC 2014

On Sun, 5 Oct 2014, raf wrote:

>> The various documents do talk about three kinds of switches, home, enterprise and AVB. It is quite clear what makes an AVB switch, but what does an "enterprise" switch have over any other switch aside from speed? I am sure I am being small minded in my thoughts here. For example, I am expecting very little non-audio bandwidth and I am guessing that the average home switch does not prioritize any style of packet over another.
> from my experience, I'd say the following :
> compared to a home consumer switch, an enterprise grade switch is often manageable (small os on web interface), has fibre channels, and integrates protocols often related to packet prioritizing (QoS)

It seems there are three categories, managed, "Smart" (not really managed 
but configurable), and non-managed (but still has QoS and some other 
things). I am thinking that the needs of any one studio depend on the 
channels involved, as well as "other" network traffic. In other words, a 
16 channel studio system with no or almost no internet traffic might do 
just fine with a home switch. I think something configurable would be 
needed where the audio must travel along with internet traffic.

Len Ovens

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