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Charles Z Henry czhenry at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 17:54:05 UTC 2014

On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 8:58 AM, Harry van Haaren <harryhaaren at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Linux Audio Developers,
> TL;DR; Discussing experience driven design for linux audio.
> I'd like to discuss the "age of experiences". Allow me 10 minutes of
> your time, to watch a video by Aral Balkan talk about development of
> technology, FLOSS, design, and the future.
> To start, please watch the following clip: I've skipped into the video
> to get the section I think is most interesting to discuss on this
> list:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=ldhHkVjLe7A#t=1625
> To bring this discussion to a productive start, I'd like to concider
> the tools we have available as the linux-audio community: they
> certainly have features, and empower the user to own thier tools, and
> the data used with those tools.
> Should we improve experience for users?
> Should we design "experience driven open" software?
> Should we forward the UX of Linux Audio to the "age of experiences"?

I don't think what he's talking about is comparable to audio yet.
There does not currently exist a company that is credibly making a
complete, whole-system design approach to problems such as audio
recording and live sound processing.

You *can* currently start a company with a offering of proprietary
hardware, open source software that you will support, tie it up with a
new interface (that you also release for free, a requirement of GPL),
offer software as a service (that you don't have to release), provide
centralized services, and sell support contracts.  It's a completely
reasonable thing, given other existing companies that do this
currently in other spheres.

> What do users know, that developers might not?

If you agree with the premise he's made, nothing.  Users apparently
want to be told what they want (until they find out they don't want it
any more... then they look for something else they're told they want).
This time, he's telling us we all want to get involved making products
in our own best interests while following a top-down organizational
structure(?)  I'm confused and my beautiful mouse only has one button

> What is it that needs to change? Are there even issues here?
> If so, how do we (the community as a whole) try to solve this?

To change: incentive structure.  There must be some kind of initiative
(non-profit or other organization) that appeals to developers and
meets the economic constraints of the world we live in, to be

The Indie Phone is likely to go the way of OpenMoko which is pretty
dead (no offense to the Moko users who still might be out there).
It's evident that Aral understands the problem faced by technology
consumers... but I can't quite circumscribe all the things he doesn't


> I hope this is a productive and inclusive discussion, and politely
> request remaining on topic ;)
> To a fruitful discussion, -Harry
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