[LAD] Experience driven design and Linux Audio

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Tue Sep 30 21:32:50 UTC 2014

My take on this is much more practical. I make software to fill my needs 
and expected experience. I may be willing (if it's easy) to add features 
that are not for me. I may add some features like documentation/packaging 
that are not so easy because it makes it worth while to share the SW.

In the end I have a limited amount of time and resources. I am not a FOSS 
evangelist and am not willing to tythe money I typically don't have to 
shove FOSS down someone's throat.... or build beautiful toys for yuppies 
(or whatever they are called these days).

BTW, maybe add ubuntu touch to openmoco...

Len Ovens

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