[LAD] sending atoms to LV2 plugin with LVTK

Hanspeter Portner dev at open-music-kontrollers.ch
Tue Feb 16 22:07:48 UTC 2016

On 16.02.2016 12:24, Igor Angst wrote:
> Hi,
> [...] Now I'm trying to figure out how I
> can send a simple text message from my UI to the plugin [...]

You may want to have a look at one of the example plugins [1] which shows how to communicate between plugin and UI via
atom sequence ports with the plain LV2 API and then search for the analogous way in LVTK.

> First question: In the ttl, can I just add an atomPort with a type other
> than sequence, like this:
>  [
>     a atom:AtomPort ,
>     lv2:InputPort ;
>     lv2:index 3;
>     lv2:symbol "text";
>     lv2:name "Text";
>     atom:bufferType atom:String ;
>   ]

I do not know of any host supporting anything else than 'atom:bufferType atom:Sequence'. The answer thus is NO, as no
host would support that.

As for your other questions, I can't help, as they are specific to LVTK and I don't know anything about it.

P.s. there is a mailing list specifically for LV2 [2], you may well be more lucky to find someone familiar with LVTK there.

[1] http://lv2plug.in/book/#_simple_oscilloscope
[2] http://lists.lv2plug.in/listinfo.cgi/devel-lv2plug.in

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