[LAD] Jack ring buffer (again)

Will Godfrey willgodfrey at musically.me.uk
Sat May 14 07:18:01 UTC 2016

I'm not sure if this has been covered before...

While I understand that generally you can't be certain of writing or reading
all bytes in a block of data in one call, what about the specific case where
you *always* read and write the same number of bytes and the buffer is an exact
multiple of this size.

e.g data block is 5 bytes & buffer size is 75 bytes.

No I'm not intending to use such an example, I just want to cover worst case :)

If that doesn't work, what about the case when you are always working in
powers of 2?

e.g data block is 16 bytes & buffer size is 1024 bytes.

Will J Godfrey
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