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On Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 10:03 AM, Patrick Shirkey <
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> One can draw reasonable conclusions based on the evidence at hand.

You don't have any evidence other than the absence of evidence.

> >
> > How many times is it necessary for someone to explain that JACK and AL
> are
> > NOT competing APIs ?
> >
> Sorry, if I can't just trust you on that statement. Only time will tell
> but from my perspective they are currently in an aggressive position
> against JACK.

Rui explained in a reasonably level of technical detail why this is so.
Your belief about this is just wrong.

You also conflate JACK transport (the only part of JACK that has even the
slightest connection with AL) with JACK itself. From the point of
developers, these are two wholly different things. There are lots and lots
of JACK-aware applications that do not use JACK transport.

> They haven't made any public announcements to the contrary, corrections or
> retractions and they certainly haven't released a Linux port of AL so as
> far as I (and I presume many others) are concerned the statement still
> stands. The proof is in the pudding really.

Aawwwwww .... poor thing. A company doesn't release a version of its
flagship product on your preferred platform and so they are evil.

> If Harrison, Autodesk and others CAN do it then why "CAN'T" Ableton
> especially now that they are "apparently" embracing Open Source, devoting
> resources and even have some "good will" from some highly regarded Linux
> Audio Developers.

and won't that be valuable. Yeah, LAD developers ... we've got the goods
everyone else wants. Please Patrick, give it a break. We're a tiny niche
inside a tiny niche. If you actually spent time with the people who work
for NI, Ableton, Waves, Steinberg, and many more, you'd know that they are
well aware of the audio technology on Linux BUT THEY CHOOSE NOT TO USE IT
(much). Can you wrap your head around this basic concept? They came, they
saw, they moved on?

The last time I was working with such a person was deeply illustrative: a
small technology company doing audio on raspberry pi and beagle boards.
Using JACK. Having an insanely hard time even getting it work. Even with me
sitting in with them. Their experience is common. Maybe even the norm. We
never targetted JACK for such uses (focusing on desktop scenarios).
Developers think it is cool, was developed on the same OS as they are
running their new embedded platforms - awesome! Except ... not so much.
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