Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Wed Aug 29 22:00:07 CEST 2018

On Wed, 29 Aug 2018, christoph.kuhr at web.de wrote:

> I would always prefer a UDP based solutions,  because TCP can really mess up the
> timing. UDP packetloss usually is below 1%. The bigger problem in this case are
> WIFI connections, scrambled packet orders and jitter.
> Are there any objections to using Open Sound Control based solutions?
> To me it makes more sence, because it is an IP-based protocol (32 bit) in
> contrast to MIDI, which is designed for 8 bit serial interfaces.

OSC being lossless has not been my experience. The problem I have had is 
the OSC messages are generally one message per packet which means that a 
large group of messages can overwhelm udp quite easily. OSC does allow for 
using bundles of messages to be performed at the same time, however MIDI 
to OSC cannot really determine a group of events that happen at the same 
time because of it's (slow) serial nature.

Do note that the osc message "stormes" I have had trouble with are bigger 
than what MIDI was designed to handle in realtime (10 events from 10 
fingers). I am talking about refreshing a control surface with at least 8 
strips with each strip having 20 or so events. So well over 100 events. 
When I tried to use bundles, I found that no control surfaces created or 
understood bundled messages. I ended up adding a small delay in the sends 
to fix this... not very "real time" :) Not noticable while moving one 
control like a fader but noticable if performing music.

Len Ovens

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