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Hey Len,
thanks for the insight.
I never used OSC this way so far.
I also did not know that there are existing RFCs for MIDI over RTP, which is very nice!
So, yeah, lets do that.
I will take a closer look at the code repos you posted.  I definitly want to give this a try!
But I am rather busy at the moment, so don't expect too fast progress in this matter ;-)
Ck Mittwoch, 29 August 2018, 09:00nachm. +01:00 von Len Ovens  len at ovenwerks.net :

>On Wed, 29 Aug 2018,  christoph.kuhr at web.de wrote:
> I would always prefer a UDP based solutions,  because TCP can really mess up the
> timing. UDP packetloss usually is below 1%. The bigger problem in this case are
> WIFI connections, scrambled packet orders and jitter.
> Are there any objections to using Open Sound Control based solutions?
> To me it makes more sence, because it is an IP-based protocol (32 bit) in
> contrast to MIDI, which is designed for 8 bit serial interfaces.
>OSC being lossless has not been my experience. The problem I have had is 
>the OSC messages are generally one message per packet which means that a 
>large group of messages can overwhelm udp quite easily. OSC does allow for 
>using bundles of messages to be performed at the same time, however MIDI 
>to OSC cannot really determine a group of events that happen at the same 
>time because of it's (slow) serial nature.
>Do note that the osc message "stormes" I have had trouble with are bigger 
>than what MIDI was designed to handle in realtime (10 events from 10 
>fingers). I am talking about refreshing a control surface with at least 8 
>strips with each strip having 20 or so events. So well over 100 events. 
>When I tried to use bundles, I found that no control surfaces created or 
>understood bundled messages. I ended up adding a small delay in the sends 
>to fix this... not very "real time" :) Not noticable while moving one 
>control like a fader but noticable if performing music.
>Len Ovens
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