[LAD] Polyphonic normal guitar to midi: Jam Origins' MIDI-Guitar

Tim termtech at rogers.com
Tue Jun 26 21:03:04 CEST 2018

On 06/26/2018 02:16 PM, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> On Mon, 25 Jun 2018 18:31:12 -0400, Tim wrote:
>> Then I stumbled across this product, MIDI-Guitar from Jam Origins.
> For quite some time now, the free version is installed on my iPad, but
> I never tested it and meanwhile I've got two electric guitars with
> Roland GK-3 PUs and a Roland GR-55. Keep in mind that even the best
> polyphonic tracking done by software for Apple and Microsoft based
> computers, for usage with averaged guitar pickups, at least suffers from
> the additional audio device latency.

What is truly astounding is the product's low latency.
The patent mentions an ideal FFT data block of around 95mS
  or 4096 samples at 44100Hz samplerate.
But, I know what a 4096 sample delay feels like. It's long.
The latency seems /much/ less than that in this product.
It sure feels like magic.

I've been playing it for two nights now and it really is
  fast and accurate.

If I understand correctly the theory goes something like this:
If you are looking for a dog in a picture, far better to compare
  with real pictures of dogs already stored than to only have
  a rough mathematical idea of what a dog should look like.

> Before I bought the Roland gear, I watched videos and read reviews.
> Roland seems to be the best solution at the moment, even combinations
> of a Roland GR-55 with piezo bridge pickups, instead of the Roland GK-3
> seems to be less reliable.
> However, for several reasons it indeed would be nice, if the polyphonic
> tracking software, for usage with averaged guitar pickups would make
> progress.

I highly advise to try the software. I found it amazing.
There is talk of this software obsoleting using special pickups.
I would tend to agree, it's pretty darn good.

> OTOH some kind of divided pickup build into modern guitars
> has got an advantage, too, since modeling makes a lot of progress. My
> new guitar additionally has got a Sustaniac driver.

Ah, just looked that up.
Similar to the famous e-bow hand-held sustainer?

I use a novel approach:
I 'sing' into my guitar neck, the neck touching my throat,
  which resonates the strings infinitely for as long as I
  can sing a note.

> IOW adding special
> pickups to guitars is not necessarily a disadvantage. Perhaps
> polyphonic tracking software, for usage with averaged guitar pickups,
> in combination with special pickups is interesting in the near future.

Yeah that would be neat. Maybe someday all guitars will come with
  such pickups and standardized connections.
 From there, the sky's the limit on modeling and recognition.


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