[LAD] Fixes for Blop and SWH LADSPA plugin RDF files + program to do it

Hermann Meyer brummer- at web.de
Thu Nov 1 06:10:34 CET 2018

Am 01.11.18 um 04:00 schrieb Tim:
> Hi, as I mentioned in LAD today, I think I found some problems
>  with Blop and SWH LADSPA RDF files.
> I fixed them automatically with a program, and by hand
>  for the few odd incomplete enumerations.


We've implemented a special case rule in our rdf scanner, (shift the 
index to the correct value) for some known wrong indexes in rdf files, 
and I guess others have that as well.

So, "fixing" those wrong entry's, after so long time, may break existing 

As reference, here is our list:

static struct {
     unsigned long from, to;
} ranges_1_based[] = {
     // swh
     {1181, 1440},
     {1605, 1605},
     {1881, 1922},
     // blop
     {1641, 1680},
     {2021, 2038},



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