Louigi Verona louigi.verona at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 11:34:34 CET 2018

The question everyone should ask themselves here is what problem are we
trying to solve.

If we just want a resource for us, 20 people in this thread, then it
doesn't matter, go for PeerTube or someone's personal server, or try an
experimental startup that can be gone tomorrow.
If we want music produced with Linux Audio tools to be accessible,
searchable and referable by a more general public, YouTube, Soundcloud and
other proven solutions should be used.

Look, guys, saying that Soundcloud is going to just disappear or YouTube is
going to become impossible to use - all of that is bullshit. Seriously. It
is far more likely that some PeerTube, an unproven new startup, will fail
than YouTube or Soundcloud. And yes, YouTube has ads. And people watch it
anyway. Help yourself by installing an ad blocker.

But, at the end of the day, if our primary reason is to make content
produced with Linux Audio to be more accessible to the outside world, we
would have to rely on tools that the outside world actually uses. Creating
a forum (in the age of forums, which is of course 2018, right) or going to
some obscure Creative Commons haven is not going to be very effective.
Nobody cares about Creative Commons (not a literal statement, but you know
what I mean). They just open YouTube, Spotify or Soundcloud and listen.
And, btw, both YT and Soundcloud offer your Creative Commons options.

If our goal, however, is to just create a small sandbox for the Linux Audio
geeks themselves, then this conversation is not worth the time, because we
can just use whatever. People here talk through IRC and compile shit.

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