[LAD] How to ask?

John Murphy rosegardener at freeode.co.uk
Mon Oct 1 17:15:38 CEST 2018

FOSS developers are so generous that all users are already in
their debt and already I fear may have upset some by saying so.

You/they have my admiration, but it doesn't seem enough and the
debt remains. Occasionally I see an opportunity to help, if a
developer hints they're near starving, or I can dispose of some
hardware in someone's direction... But, to the point.

I'm currently using a fabulous little suite of tools which were
almost written for me by a gifted dev.. http://sed.free.fr/audiotag/
(although the version I have is 0.7) I clumsily and regrettably
offered that despicable symbol of capitalism - money (or goods) to
show appreciation.

I don't even feel able to ask for more from sed and I said I
would write a GUI and some database code to develop it to an
actual application, but I can't, or I could, but it would be
a mess which I could only keep to myself. It would be barely
usable, even after a lot of head scratching.

May I humbly ask how to ask to pay for some development?

As my time runs out in old age, I'd much rather enjoy using
software than experience the real discomfort I feel when I try
to code, but having used it since the beginning, maybe I can
see ways of using software more intuitively than some. I may
well be the fastest audiotagger in the universe!

How to proceed? I duckducked for Linux developers, but thought
I should ask here first.

Thanks for everything, regardless.

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