[LAD] How to ask?

John Murphy rosegardener at freeode.co.uk
Mon Oct 1 22:18:41 CEST 2018

Hi Phil and list,

The object is to end up with a very functional 'compilation compiler'.
I have hundreds of old recordings of music radio and I use audiotag to
find regions within those .wav files. The version 0.7 I have outputs
region information on std-out like:

REGION "/path/Wed0301.wav" 01:37:31.35310 01:41:27.19055 (saved 2018 09 30 T 13 18 08)

I know that Qt can start non gui programs and absorb the outputs from
them, so each time I click add, a new entry would be made in a database
(SQlite preferably) and I'd be able to manually add Artist, Title, Label
and some notes. Maybe genre and a numeric, or star scoring option as well.

The regions are playable with 'dump' (which is part of 0.7, but isn't
included in 0.6) either individually or as a sequence. It's input is
a plain text file of one or more of those REGION lines.

With very many regions added to the database, I'd want to be able to
audition any one of them and add it to a new list/compilation, or maybe
edit old ones with newer tunes, or simply play a favourite compilation.

Previous / Repeat / Next buttons would be good.

Additionally, I'd like to be able to save the regions as new individual
.wav etc. files, or as one new large one of the whole compilation, but
it isn't the main requirement as I can record while playing (I've read).

Also, larger text for Head PlayHead and Tail positions in audiotag would
help me see what I'm doing.

Thanks. I may not have explained it well, so please ask if anything is
still not clear.


On Tue, 02 Oct 2018 03:40:08 +1000 Philip Rhoades <phil at pricom.com.au> wrote:

> John,
> I may not be in a much better position than you to do the work but I 
> would like a bit more detail - however it is not really clear what you 
> are actually asking for . .
> Regards,
> Phil.
> On 2018-10-02 01:15, John Murphy wrote:
> > FOSS developers are so generous that all users are already in
> > their debt and already I fear may have upset some by saying so.
> > 
> > You/they have my admiration, but it doesn't seem enough and the
> > debt remains. Occasionally I see an opportunity to help, if a
> > developer hints they're near starving, or I can dispose of some
> > hardware in someone's direction... But, to the point.
> > 
> > I'm currently using a fabulous little suite of tools which were
> > almost written for me by a gifted dev.. http://sed.free.fr/audiotag/
> > (although the version I have is 0.7) I clumsily and regrettably
> > offered that despicable symbol of capitalism - money (or goods) to
> > show appreciation.
> > 
> > I don't even feel able to ask for more from sed and I said I
> > would write a GUI and some database code to develop it to an
> > actual application, but I can't, or I could, but it would be
> > a mess which I could only keep to myself. It would be barely
> > usable, even after a lot of head scratching.
> > 
> > May I humbly ask how to ask to pay for some development?
> > 
> > As my time runs out in old age, I'd much rather enjoy using
> > software than experience the real discomfort I feel when I try
> > to code, but having used it since the beginning, maybe I can
> > see ways of using software more intuitively than some. I may
> > well be the fastest audiotagger in the universe!
> > 
> > How to proceed? I duckducked for Linux developers, but thought
> > I should ask here first.  

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