[LAD] Looking for some jackd debugging help

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Sun Jun 14 03:41:53 CEST 2020

On Sat, 13 Jun 2020, Ethan Funk wrote:

> Thanks. I found autojack, and know just enough Python to make some sense of it. I
> am still confused as to where autojack is getting the 64 value. I easily found...
>                 procin = subprocess.Popen(
>                     ["/usr/bin/zita-a2j", "-j", f"{ldev}-in", "-d", f"hw:{ldev}",
> "-r", dsr, "-p", def_config['ZFRAME'],
>                      "-n", def_config['PERIOD'], "-c", "100"], shell=False)
> ...which would seem to pull the -p parameter from the def_config array. And I see
> that it's default value is 512, set early on in the code. However, I assume this
> value is over ridden by my saved session setting of 128 at some point when the
> code gets going. Where is the 64 coming from? Maybe ZFRAME is set by the GUI to
> half frames?

ubuntustudio-controls sets zframe to jack frame divided by 2. This is what 
the man apge suggests (or maybe a coversation in the mailing list). So, in 
$HOME/.config/autojack/autojackrc you will find that frame = 1024 and 
zframe = 512 by default. You can change the value in this file to whatever 
you want and tell jack to restart and it will pick it up. The next version 
of -controls will need to handle this better.

I am glad you are finding it useful. It started as a "quick" script in 
bash to set things up for my own use. Other people asked to be able to use 
it and here we are.

Len Ovens

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