[LAD] [LAU] Release: New Session Manager Version 1.3

hgn hgn at posteo.org
Fri Jun 19 16:03:34 CEST 2020

Am 19.06.2020 12:26 schrieb Kjetil Matheussen:
Well, we are talking about a sub menu in the file menu called "NSM 
The reason for this is to make it possible for the user not having to
switch between two programs. The user can for instance easily assign
keybindings to these options. But it is an entirely optional feature!
If you don't need it, don't use it. It's madness making such a fuss
about this.

 From a conceptual level and from the user perspective this is right. 
Whatever helps the workflow is good, especially when dealing with a 
situation where one program is nearly monolithic with a few satellites, 
like in Radiums case.

Kjetil, if Radium is itself a client please don't call 
"/nsm/gui/gui_announce" for the server functionality. (I have not read 
your code).
nsmd will only remember the last GUI to call that and send reponses and 
messages only to that address.  In effect this would "steal" control 
from the NSM-Gui and make it useless.

This might change in the future with new-session-manager, which could 
keep a list of GUIs instead.

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